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   Apache Velocity Tools
A Velocity "tool" is just a POJO (plain old java object) that is "useful" in a template and is not meant to be rendered in the output. In other words, a "tool" (in Velocity-speak) is meant to be used but not seen themselves (e.g. for formatting dates or numbers, url building, etc).

The VelocityTools project is, first of all, a collection of such useful Java classes, as well as infrastructure to easily, automatically and transparently make these tools available to your Velocity templates. Other aims of the project include providing easy integration of Velocity into the view-layer of your web applications (via the VelocityViewTag, VelocityViewServlet), the Maven plugin and integration with Struts 1.x applications.

In recognition of these varying aims, the VelocityTools project is divided into three parts: GenericTools, VelocityView and VelocityStruts. Each of these parts builds on the previous one and has its own JAR distribution.
   Version 2.0
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   Version 1.4
JavaDoc /library/81/velocity-tools-1.4/docs/javadoc/ Package 8, Class 67, Method 855

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