ver 1.3 (2014/12/23) Library 349     Package 18,754     Class 215,432     Method 1,817,401   
   Apache Commons scxml
State Chart XML (SCXML) is currently a Working Draft published by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). SCXML provides a generic state-machine based execution environment based on Harel State Tables. SCXML is a candidate for the control language within multiple markup languages coming out of the W3C (see Working Draft for details). Commons SCXML is an implementation aimed at creating and maintaining a Java SCXML engine capable of executing a state machine defined using a SCXML document, while abstracting out the environment interfaces.
   Version 0.9
Source commons-scxml-0.9-src.tar.gz
Binary commons-scxml-0.9-bin.tar.gz
JavaDoc /library/68/commons-scxml-0.9/apidocs/ Package 11, Class 86, Method 552

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