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   Apache Santuario
The Apache Santuario project is aimed at providing implementation of the primary security standards for XML:

XML-Signature Syntax and Processing
XML Encryption Syntax and Processing.
Two libraries are currently available.

Apache XML Security for Java: This library includes the standard JSR-105 (Java XML Digital Signature) API, a mature DOM-based implementation of both XML Signature and XML Encryption, as well as a more recent StAX-based (streaming) XML Signature and XML Encryption implementation.
Apache XML Security for C++: This library includes a mature Digital Signature and Encryption implementation using a proprietary C++ API on top of the Xerces-C XML Parser's DOM API. It includes a pluggable cryptographic layer, but support for alternatives to OpenSSL are less complete and less mature.
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   Version 2.0.1
   Version 1.5.7
API /library/329/xml-security-1_5_7/doc/Java/api/ Package 30, Class 262, Method 1,695

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