ver 1.3 (2014/12/23) Library 349     Package 18,754     Class 215,432     Method 1,817,401   
OPS4J stands for Open Participation Software for Java.
OPS4J is a community that is trying to build a new, more open model for Open Source development, where not only the usage is Open and Free, but the Participation is Open as well. Removal of barriers, let more people in, have more fun and less politics. Open Development has also been used to describe this concept.
Think of it as Wiki brought to Coding. Wikipedia is of course the most outstanding example of open collaboration.
   Version 1.2.5
Library (JDK 1.4) ops4j-base-1.2.5-jdk14.jar
Library ops4j-base-1.2.5.jar
API (base-util-xml) /library/302/ops4j-base-util-xml-1.2.5-javadoc/ Package 1, Class 2, Method 17
API (base-util-property) /library/302/ops4j-base-util-property-1.2.5-javadoc/ Package 1, Class 5, Method 16
API (base-util-collections) /library/302/ops4j-base-util-collections-1.2.5-javadoc/ Package 1, Class 3, Method 13
API (base-util) /library/302/ops4j-base-util-1.2.5-javadoc/ Package 3, Class 5, Method 63
API (base-store) /library/302/ops4j-base-store-1.2.5-javadoc/ Package 2, Class 4, Method 13
API (base-net) /library/302/ops4j-base-net-1.2.5-javadoc/ Package 1, Class 5, Method 23
API (base-monitors) /library/302/ops4j-base-monitors-1.2.5-javadoc/ Package 3, Class 8, Method 28
API (base-lang) /library/302/ops4j-base-lang-1.2.5-javadoc/ Package 1, Class 3, Method 32
API (base-io) /library/302/ops4j-base-io-1.2.5-javadoc/ Package 1, Class 9, Method 28

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