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About sqlite4java
sqlite4java is a minimalistic Java wrapper for SQLite. SQLite is a free, compact, robust, embeddable SQL database engine. sqlite4java is built with the purpose to provide high-performance, low-garbage interface to SQLite for desktop Java applications.

sqlite4java is not a JDBC driver. Access to the database is made through the custom interfaces of com.almworks.sqlite4java package. Tighter integration with SQLite offers better performance and features not available through JDBC interfaces.

sqlite4java is built for use on Windows, Linux, Mac OS X and Android, although you can try to compile it on other platforms. (There's a contributed pre-compiled binary for ARMv5 in the Downloads area.) Required JRE version is 1.5. SQLite is pre-compiled and distributed along with the Java classes as dynamic JNI libraries.
   Version 282 (with SQLite 3.7.10)
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