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EMMA: a free Java code coverage tool

Code coverage for free: a basic freedom?
Until recently, the world of Java development had been plagued by an absurd discrepancy: Java developers had excellent free IDEs, free compilers, free test frameworks but had to rely on code coverage tools that charged an arm and a leg in license fees. As a Java pro, I would like to use the same free coverage tool regardless of whether it is a massive commercial project at work or a small fun project at home. I've created EMMA to be that tool.
EMMA is an open-source toolkit for measuring and reporting Java code coverage. EMMA distinguishes itself from other tools by going after a unique feature combination: support for large-scale enterprise software development while keeping individual developer's work fast and iterative. Every developer on your team can now get code coverage for free and they can get it fast!
Chances are, you've come here already knowing what coverage is all about and are, in fact, wondering what EMMA offers and why it is worth checking out. Explore the rest of this site to see why.
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