ver 1.3 (2014/12/23) Library 349     Package 18,754     Class 215,432     Method 1,817,401   
   Apache Tomcat
Apache Tomcat is an open source software implementation of the Java Servlet and JavaServer Pages technologies. The Java Servlet and JavaServer Pages specifications are developed under the Java Community Process.

Apache Tomcat is developed in an open and participatory environment and released under the Apache License version 2. Apache Tomcat is intended to be a collaboration of the best-of-breed developers from around the world. We invite you to participate in this open development project. To learn more about getting involved, click here.

Apache Tomcat powers numerous large-scale, mission-critical web applications across a diverse range of industries and organizations. Some of these users and their stories are listed on the PoweredBy wiki page.

Apache Tomcat, Tomcat, Apache, the Apache feather, and the Apache Tomcat project logo are trademarks of the Apache Software Foundation.
   Version 8.0.3
Binary apache-tomcat-8.0.3.tar.gz
API (WebSocket) /library/278/tomcat-8.0-doc/websocketapi/ Package 2, Class 43, Method 152
API (EL) /library/278/tomcat-8.0-doc/elapi/ Package 1, Class 33, Method 198
API (JSP) /library/278/tomcat-8.0-doc/jspapi/ Package 3, Class 46, Method 264
API (Servlet) /library/278/tomcat-8.0-doc/servletapi/ Package 4, Class 68, Method 551
API /library/278/tomcat-8.0-doc/api/ Package 114, Class 1,443, Method 14,543

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