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Development requires the use of several frameworks and tools. One of the important parts of a developer's job is working with PL/SQL.
Many tools and Framework support other tiers of the n-tier architecture.
For example, View, Model, and Controller or DataAccess ... so that the developer can concentrate on business logic.
I believe that business logic is concentrated in the database layer implemented in PL/SQL, more than any other tier of the n-tier architecture.
PL/SQL work is repetitive - Making, executing and debugging queries.
In some cases jdbc or Connection Pooling(Apache DBCP) or support 2PC (JTA,JOTM), etc are used.
In many others, ORM (Object Relation Mapping), ibatis, springJDBC or hibernate are used.
Common problems occurring in all these scenarios are best explained by these words: 'How do I get my query to work!' or 'Are the parameters being passed correctly?' and so on.
I'm sure log4sql will quickly and easily configure your setup to help you handle these issues.
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