ver 1.3 (2014/12/23) Library 349     Package 18,754     Class 215,432     Method 1,817,401   
   Apache Derby
Apache Derby, an Apache DB subproject, is an open source relational database implemented entirely in Java and available under the Apache License, Version 2.0. Some key advantages include:

Derby has a small footprint -- about 2.6 megabytes for the base engine and embedded JDBC driver.
Derby is based on the Java, JDBC, and SQL standards.
Derby provides an embedded JDBC driver that lets you embed Derby in any Java-based solution.
Derby also supports the more familiar client/server mode with the Derby Network Client JDBC driver and Derby Network Server.
Derby is easy to install, deploy, and use.
Binary db-derby-
Source db-derby-
API (jdbc4) /library/267/db-derby- Package 10, Class 38, Method 256
API (jdbc3) /library/267/db-derby- Package 10, Class 33, Method 273

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