ver 1.3 (2014/12/23) Library 349     Package 18,754     Class 215,432     Method 1,817,401   
Java interface to OpenCV and more

JavaCV first provides wrappers to commonly used libraries by researchers in the field of computer vision: OpenCV, FFmpeg, libdc1394, PGR FlyCapture, OpenKinect, videoInput, and ARToolKitPlus. The classes found under the com.googlecode.javacv.cpp package namespace expose their complete APIs. Moreover, utility classes make their functionality easier to use on the Java platform, including Android.

JavaCV also comes with hardware accelerated full-screen image display (CanvasFrame and GLCanvasFrame), easy-to-use methods to execute code in parallel on multiple cores (Parallel), user-friendly geometric and color calibration of cameras and projectors (GeometricCalibrator, ProCamGeometricCalibrator, ProCamColorCalibrator), detection and matching of feature points (ObjectFinder), a set of classes that implement direct image alignment of projector-camera systems (mainly GNImageAligner, ProjectiveTransformer, ProjectiveColorTransformer, ProCamTransformer, and ReflectanceInitializer), a blob analysis package (Blobs), as well as miscellaneous functionality in the JavaCV class. Some of these classes also have an OpenCL and OpenGL counterpart, their names ending with CL or starting with GL, i.e.: JavaCVCL, GLCanvasFrame, etc.

To learn how to use the API, since documentation currently lacks, please refer to the #Quick_Start_for_OpenCV_and_FFmpeg section below as well as the sample programs, including two for Android ( and, also found in the samples directory. You may also find it useful to refer to the source code of ProCamCalib and ProCamTracker as well as Examples ported from OpenCV2 Cookbook and the associated Wiki pages.

Please keep me informed of any updates or fixes you make to the code so that I may integrate them into the next release. Thank you! And feel free to ask questions on the mailing list if you encounter any problems with the software! I am sure it is far from perfect...
   Version 0.7
Source (ProCamTracker)
Binary (ProCamTracker)
OpenCV 2.4.8 and FFmpeg 2.1.1 compiled for Linux, Mac OS X, Windows, and Android
API (ProCamTracker) /library/213/javacv-0.7/procamtracker/apidocs/ Package 1, Class 15, Method 134
API /library/213/javacv-0.7/apidocs/ Package 2, Class 652, Method 9,863

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