ver 1.3 (2014/12/23) Library 349     Package 18,754     Class 215,432     Method 1,817,401   
JSON-lib is a java library for transforming beans, maps, collections, java arrays and XML to JSON and back again to beans and DynaBeans.
It is based on the work by Douglas Crockford in
   Version 2.4-jdk15
Source json-lib-2.4-jdk15-sources.jar
Binary json-lib-2.4-jdk15.jar
JavaDoc /library/20/json-lib-2.4-jdk15-javadoc/ Package 8, Class 51, Method 573
   Version 2.4-jdk13
Source json-lib-2.4-jdk13-sources.jar
Binary json-lib-2.4-jdk13.jar
JavaDoc /library/20/json-lib-2.4-jdk13-javadoc/ Package 8, Class 50, Method 568

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